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3200 Stories: Tradition Re-imagined with Alison Levy

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February 20, 2014 - 4:46pm -- Alison

Alison Levy is always game for a musical adventure.

Best known as “Sippy Alison” of the legendary kids group The Sippy Cups as well as one half of McCabe & Mrs. Miller (along with Victor Krummenacher of Camper Van Beethoven), Alison has recently released World of Wonder, a perfect mixture of kids anthems and pop song mastery.

Knowing that her most recent impulse is to branch out into the world of
musical theater, I asked her to perform something for our crowd-sourced
version of Tradition and she was more that happy to give it a try.

When she submitted her video she sent me this email along with the lyrics to the song:

“I decided to rewrite the lyrics of the song to be about raising a child to Bar Mitzvah age, as I am doing now, in a funny way. 

Performing with me are my friends Josh Pollock on guitar, and Jody
Richardson on fiddle. Turns out Jody actually played the fiddler in
Fiddler on the Roof when she was a kid!

The video was shot by my 12-year-old son Henry, who is the Bar Mitzvah boy I'm singing about.

Wish I had memorized the words better, but we shot this really quickly
so I had a cheat sheet in front of me. We had a blast doing this!”

Bar Mitzvah

Lyrics by Alison Levy

when they are born you swaddle them in blankets

change their little diapers

feed them day and night

as they grow up you read them lots of books

and take them lots of places

open up their eyes

the babies, the babies


the babies, the babies


as they get older you send them off to school

and encourage all their interests

give them time to play

wipe their little noses, clip the nails on toeses

keep the bullies far away

the children, the children


the children, the children


when they are tweens it’s time for a bar mitzvah

this is time for parents to have a real breakdown

how can this little one turn into a grown up

time is moving too fast, I am melting down!

bar mitzvah, bar mitzvah


bar mitzvah, bar mitzvah


Dan Wolf
Publish Date: 
Tuesday, January 21, 2014