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May 21, 2012 - 1:44pm -- Alison

It's a World of Wonder. Truly, that is the best way to describe the first solo album from Alison Faith Levy. It just also happens to be the title of this remarkable collection of songs.

You may know Alison's name from the legendary children's group The Sippy Cups. Alison was often referred to as "Sippy Alison". After having an incredible career, preforming such places as Lollapalooza, the House of Blues, and Central Park Summerstage, she took a break from children's music to dive into a more grown-up musical endeavor.

She couldn't stay away too long, though! Alison began having a music time for children at a local bookstore. As she wrote new songs and word got out, more participants and more performances ensued. It was not too long before we got here-- the release of World of Wonder.

To make the CD a reality, Alison Faith Levy had a little help from a friend of hers--- Allen Clapp of The Orange Peels. Together, they set out with the goal of crafting a perfect pop kid's music album. They played almost every instrument heard on the album themselves. Well... Alison's ten-year-old son, Henry, did help a bit. You can actually hear him playing drums and singing on several of the tracks!

It is hard to say which song is our favorite because in truth we love each and every one of them. For Raileigh, I think it was Itsy Bitsy Spider. She has heard this song before... just not Alison-style! However, she quickly recognized the lyrics and began doing hand motions in time with the music. The new sound was a welcome reprise and a much more enjoyable than the traditional Itsy Bitsy Spider I am used to!

We are also quite smitten with One More Cupcake. I was drawn to the tittle even before I heard the song. Really-- who can resist cupcakes? The song really reminded me of my own little one. I had to laugh and smile as everything she sang about sounded exactly like something I had heard before. I told Raileigh that it sounded like they had written a song about her, and know I think she just might believe that they have!

You know the CD is a hit when every time a track concludes, your child asks to hear the next one. This is precisely what happened as we listened to World of Wonder.

Publish Date: 
Monday, May 21, 2012