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December 30, 2012 - 9:31am -- Alison

Alison Faith Levy, whose signature song “Like a Spinning Top” has become a

huge hit, is the founder of a genre: 1960s garage-rock for tots. Hence
the name of her new band: The Big Time Tot Rock. She was formerly with
The Sippy Cups, which broke up in 2010 after six years. Levy took a
break and found some new gigs in and around the city, including a
sing-a-long class at Phoenix Books in Noe Valley, at the San Francisco
Jewish Community Center on California Street, and in a preschool set up
in City Hall.

“All my songs have participation elements for the kids,” Levy told us.
“Lots of dancing, pretending to be animals. I’m all about getting kids
to have fun, to learn how to dance and move. And actually that starts
with getting parents to participate.”

Levy will be at the Bay Area Discovery Museum this weekend with her very interactive show for the whole family. “If you’ve never been there, this is a great, great place for little
kids. Very hands-on, lots to do. Very Bay Area-centric. And of course
with a beautiful view of the city.” The museum is located under the
north foundation of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Mark MacNamara
Publish Date: 
Thursday, November 1, 2012