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April 24, 2012 - 4:33pm -- Alison

Kid's Music Series: World of Wonder by Alison Faith Levy
Get ready for Summer weather with this fun album that will have you thinking about flying like a butterfly, or watching tulips bloom, or jumping up and dancing while yelling like an animal! Sound like fun? If so, you will enjoy Alison Faith Levy's (aka Sippy Alison) latest release World of Wonder.

This 32 minute album features the following songs that your kids will surely enjoy:

* Reach For The Sky: Great gross motor skills song for your kids to play along with
* Like A Spinning Top: Fun for you and the kids to get dizzy to
* Detours: The kids enjoyed this song where they got to yell "Beep, Beep!"
* I Love The Rain: Great Onomatopoeia song! (The wind goes whoosh, ice cream is yum-yum)
* Itsy Bitsy Spider: Wow, why does the intro of this song remind me of Dirty Dancing?! Either way, I enjoyed the new mix of an old classic
* Three Tulips: Soft piano lullaby about one of my favorite types of flowers
* Eye Of The Tornado: "Somewhere between I won't and I can"...what great lyrics, and a great message about perseverance. My favorite on the disc!
* Baby Anteater: Cute song about the unusual characteristics of the anteater
* I Had A Rooster: Great repetitive song that your kids will love cock-a-doo-dell-ing-doo to!
* World Of Wonder: A song that had me meditating as I visualized the tiny grain of sand...had the kids staring off into space too. Score! No fighting in the car.

* One More Cupcake: "Mommy, are there cupcakes in space?" Well, you will have to listen to this silly song to figure that out!

I give World of Wonder by Alison Faith Levy a 4 out of 5 for its songs that will have your little ones singing and dancing along to!

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, April 24, 2012