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Itty Bitty Review "World of Wonder" - Zooglobble

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May 2, 2012 - 1:38pm -- Alison

San Francisco's Sippy Cups were one of the first new (21st-century) acts to attract a lot of attention in the wake of the kids music explosion of circa 2006. They had a big, '60s-inspired sound and look (though they weren't limited by that era), and despite their large size, toured quite a bit. The band is on hiatus - maybe permanently - but some of the members of the band are making music for kids again.

One of those members, Alison Faith Levy, has a new album, World of Wonder, which will please fans of the Sippies and their psychedelic sounds. It's targeted more at the preschool demographic that the band had somewhat moved past by the time they went on hiatus, but the sounds are classic Sippy Cup. The Wall-of-Sound production on "Itsy Bitsy Spider" drew the attention of Greil Marcus, but will still draw in the youngster set. "Like a Spinning Top" is an energetic movement song that will sound just fine even if you're buckled into a car seat. And I must admit to adoring the goofy "Baby Anteater" almost as much the song's narrator adores its subject.

Levy's powerful voice and Allen Clapp's production give the "big" songs the oomph they need while giving each song their own personality. While the sounds and some of the songs (like the title track) may target older kids, the album's greatest appeal is to kids ages 2 through 6. You can listen to some tracks here.

With World of Wonder, Alison Faith Levy gives her Sippy Cups fans -- and new ones -- a solid collection of songs that will definitely please preschoolers without being too cutesy for those preschoolers' older siblings. I miss the Sippy Cups, but this will do quite nicely. Recommended.

Stefan Shepherd
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012